LUSH Ultrabalm


I never really bought into the multipurpose balms - the way I see it, how can one product be so many things? Something has got to give right? I came across LUSH Ultrabalm this summer when I attended a Blogger event in their Bromley store and it made me do a 180. The Ultra Balm is like a solid pomade that you can use on your scalp, body and lips. It contains Organic Jojoba Oil which is a vegan alternative of Beewax, Candelilla Wax which moisturises and Rose Wax which soothes your skin. The idea is that you can use it anywhere that feels really dry for instant relief: chapped lips, hard skin, to tame lashes and eyebrows or to protect your skin when you’re dyeing your hair. I have been using it to on my eyebrows and dry patches on my skin and I am pretty impressed. It really leaves my skin feeling moisturised and my eyebrows looking and feeling slick. Moreover, the longevity is pretty good and reapplication is at a minimum. I really love the way it feels; light and refreshing - it does not feel heavy or bog my skin down with product. The smell is inoffensive so if you have a very sensitive nose or are not too keen on heavy fragrances then this would be perfect. It is also the perfect size to carry around in your makeup bag and the retro styled tin is very stylish. Who wouldn't mind whipping this out in public for a quick use? Not me!

LUSH Ultrabalm is priced at £8.95.

For more information, please visit their website.