Lush Glow Stick

The trend of highlighting the face is not going anywhere and companies are finding new ways of being innovative when it comes to giving us that glow. Lush have recently released their own version of a highlighter in the form of what I can only refer to as a crayon. 

Now of course Lush do not refer to this as a crayon, they actually call this a multi purpose Glow Stick. They claim that it glides on like liquid gold and hydrates the skin due to its Moroccan argan, coconut and jojoba oils. The Glow Sticks contain 18 ingredients in total, of which most are natural ingredients of oils and waxes. There are a total of 10 to choose from, each complimenting different skin tones. 

I’ve always been wary of highlighter sticks, as I find them tricky to work with when applying my makeup. Lush have given a lot of tips on their website to help you apply the product. They have advised to warm the it between your fingers then dab it onto where you’d like to apply your glow. They also suggest you rub the product on a small brush then apply on your face or you could apply it directly onto your skin. 

I received the shade Goldfinch, which is a yellow gold highlighting colour. It has a combination of small gold and green glitter particles which are very evident when applying onto the skin. As the Glow Stick is made up of oils and wax it does glide on quite nicely, although it does feel like I have applied oil onto my skin.

However, the oil does dry down and doesn’t leave too much of a greasy residue. I found that for me the best application was to dab it onto my skin with my fingers, as applying it directly onto my skin has lifted my makeup underneath and with a brush it didn’t really pick up much product. As this product is multipurpose, I also tried to use it on my eyes as an eye shadow. Initially it looked lovely, however due to the oils I found it to crease. I think it works best as an inner corner highlighter on the eyes. 

The Glow Sticks are an interesting product. The colour payoff is great and they definitely feel moisturising. Personally I don’t need my highlighters to be moisturising as I’d expect my base products to have already covered this. I do like the colour of this particular highlighter, however I don’t necessarily like my highlighters to have obvious glitter particles (which this does).

For me this would be a product I’d apply under my foundation for a subtle glow, as I’d be cautious of it removing my foundation if applied on top. I’ve also considered using this as a lipstick topper as the shimmers would look gorgeous.  The Lush Glow Sticks are vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.

They are priced at £11.95.

For more information, please visit their website.