Love Thy Fro


In order to have a fulfilling life where you reach your goals, it is important to have great self esteem. That come from loving every part of yourself including your hair. Over the years Women of Colour have reclaimed their natural hair, got to know their curls and love it in the process. It is a real joy to see various initiatives that empower young girls of colour to embrace their natural hair. One in particular is the book, Love Thy Fro by which is a short children’s book aimed at 5-8 year old girls. Written by Casey Elisha, this book is about a girl called Kemi who loves her curly afro hair because she is able to style it in many different ways. The aim of the book is to get girls of colour to learn the importance of loving themselves and embracing the beauty of their “non-typical” hair from a young age.

Love Thy Fro is released this weekend and it is the first of a series of books which will promote positive messages around self worth, self awareness and self empowerment, messages that Casey believes is needed to embed in children from a young age.

Love Thy Fro is priced at £5.99 and will be available from Sunday.

For more information, please visit the website.