Love Beauty Nail & Brow Studio in Primark - Review


A day of pure, unadulterated pleasure. Copious amounts of shopping, followed by coffee and cake, followed by a manicure and now Primark have now made it possible to do it all in one store. They’ve teamed up with Love Beauty and opened up an in-store nail and brow bar. I went down to the Manchester’s flagship store branch to see how it was being received. Called everything from Pradamark to Primarni, the retail giant is no longer content with being a Mecca for thrifty shoppers. Already able to purchase anything from home ware to confectionary, you can only imagine how chuffed I was to discover that Monika Mohindra treatments offer everything from lash extensions to some pretty fancy nail treatments. And in true Primark tradition their prices are super affordable with treatments starting from £5.

Navigating my way around one of the world’s largest Primark stores is no mean feat. Yet I was pleasantly surprised to find a sleek, brightly lit studio in prominent view on the first floor. I was greeted enthusiastically by four women who talked me through the treatments I’d be having.

First stop, the brow bar for some threading. I was somewhat anxious, being a die-hard plucker since 1993. I had been trying to grow out my brows to achieve a more natural look and was a little nervous about reversing all my hard work. However, as the reclining chair elevated, Mehru, a lady with an infectious smile and (more importantly immaculate brows) reassured me that she would not over-pluck. All in all it was a relaxing process and I was pleased with my newly groomed arches.

Next up was Kara, a stunning and bubbly young woman with a zesty energy and a penchant for nail art. Don’t get me wrong, the pre-manicure hot cloths were sublime. But the best part for me was selecting the colours. In the end we opted for a divinely 80s metallic turquoise as a base with glittery lightning stripes. I’m such a throw back.

Working primarily with my hands, I’ve always thought of manicures as an extravagance but at these price, I’m willing to rethink. Looking around I am not the only one. There was a steady flow of shoppers taking a detour from their bargainous exploits. I left feeling like a more glamorous version of myself. Now where was I? Oh yes, more shopping.

Love Beauty Josam

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