Lord & Berry Couture Addict Matte Lip Crayon Kit Maximatte

The Lord & Berry Couture Addict Matte Lip Crayon Kit Maximatte is a set of four 20100 warm-nude lip pencils. The shades are Spicy, Soul, Without Shame and Undressed which the website claims suit all skin tones. It also claims that the pencils give an intense colour, are long lasting, have a smooth texture, are ultra-comfortable, are hydrating and long lasting.

I have dry lips so I prepared them with a shea butter lip balm. My lips have a dark cool-toned outline, a grey-purple, in my opinion! Taking each shade in turn:

#3401 Spicy looks like a deep peach in the swatch and comes up a medium peach on my lips. I guess it would probably look like a deep peach on fairer skin but would come up as a warm, light peach on darker skin. It has very good pigmentation with even coverage and easily covered my dark lips. It's my favourite shade out of all of them.

#3402 Soul comes up as a medium-deep warm-toned pink in the swatch and looks like a medium pink on my lips. It had good pigmentation but took more effort to cover my dark lips and to get an even coverage.

#3403 Without Shame swatched as a bright warm-toned pink but looked like a warm pastel pink on my lips. It had good pigmentation, with ok coverage which I tend to find with paler shades. On me, it made a statement rather than being a subtle nude or neutral. This didn’t work for me.

#3404 Undressed looked like a rich warm-peach in the swatch and came up pastel peach on my lips. It had good pigmentation and the coverage is ok. It warmed my complexion.

The lip crayons feel like something in between a crayon and a pencil and are a fun concept. The crayon format encourages play and they are the perfect size for travelling. I attempted a lip contour with the peaches (01 and 04) but only I knew it was there as it was too subtle. The contour with the pinks was better.

They glide on easily as promised and I loved the smooth feeling on my lips. Wear-time was ok but as they are lip pencils I didn’t expect them to last all day. I got a few hours wear but they do need touching up after eating and drinking so they don’t last all day. I would say they are comfortable rather than hydrating but that will do for my dry lips.

The Lord & Berry Couture Addict Matte Lip Crayon Kit Maximatte is priced at £44.00. The full-sized pencils cost £15.00 each. At £11.00 each in the kit, this would be an economic way to try them out and pick your favourite.

For more information, please visit their website