L.O.G. Cosmetics Truly Natural Cream Foundation

L.O.G. Cosmetics is a makeup and haircare brand made from 100% natural ingredients, which aims to “help women of colour find a healthy way of beauty”. The brand is the brain child of a makeup artist and certified organic skincare formulator who uses natural oils, fruit extracts and other health conscious ingredients to create high quality natural cosmetics for all women. L.O.G. Cosmetics Truly Natural Cream Foundation promises to provide non-greasy and non-cakey coverage that looks natural and it is available in eight shades.

The foundation claims to suitable for all skin types and is described as non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog pores and lead to further breakouts – something I always look out for in products because I am already prone to spot thanks to my oily skin tone.

I was intrigued to see that the foundation was made using abyssinian oil which is meant to help keep skin soft and moisturised, while also assisting with the reduction of visible wrinkles. The ingredients list also includes Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Vitamin E and organic soybean oil, along with items like Rice powder, Arrowroot powder and Kaolin Clay. The foundation is also paraben free and free from any preservatives, is not tested on animals and claims to be vegan friendly.

I was sent the foundation which was labelled as shade ADA C35, but a look on the site helped me to realise I had actually been sent ADA C45, which is one the darkest shades available. My skin tone would have been more suited to the foundation in shade Hope C35 which is described as a “fair ivory”.

As the foundation is made from natural ingredients they said it is best to apply it with clean, dry applicators or your finger tips to prevent cross contamination. I would suggest using a makeup sponge you love or a good beauty blender to get the best result you can.

While the product is meant to include “primer ingredients” to help it glide on and blend in smoothly in the skin, I found the foundation slightly hard to apply with provided dry sponge. But once it warmed up and had a creamier texture, it was a bit easier to apply.

The packaging is nice as the foundation comes in the classic case with a mirror and separate section to store the sponge. I also liked that the product came with a note which said they hope the products add more glamour to my make-up collection. They also say you’re better off storing the items in a cool, dry environment.

The foundation didn’t do enough to make me want to turn by back on the ones I already use, but I think it is great this range is available for those who want to only use natural makeup or for women of colour who are vegans and struggle to find products that helped them to live that lifestyle. But this might not be ideal for someone with oily skin like myself!

L.O.G. Cosmetics Truly Natural Cream Foundation is priced at £17.00.

For more information, please visit their website. (http://www.logcosmetics.com/)