L.O.G. Cosmetics Lip Stain

I got to try one of L.O.G. Cosmetics Lip Stain's from their Light In The Heart collection. This lip stain is made with castor oil and promises to nourish dry lips as well as provide a long-lasting glam colour.

As with all the products by the brand, the ingredients list is full of natural items such as shea butter, soybean oil, peppermint essential oil and tangerine essential oil. However, while this is one of the few products which is not vegan friendly, it is paraben, preservative and gluten free.

I really liked the shade, Why She’s Late, which is a flattering plum red that really complimented my skin tone. The lip stain is nice and has a glossy look but without too much shine, but I found the colour came out a bit more reddish on my lips which still looked nice.

The formula is quite thin but as someone with very dry lips, I found the formula to also be very nourishing. I also liked that the product felt smooth and light-weight on my lip. The product is basically odourless and comes in a standard 7ml tube with a wand applicator.

This is definitely something that can be used for both day or night and naturally you do need to touch up throughout the day but I was pleased with its lasting power considering it is full of such natural ingredients.

The product came with a note which said they hope the products add more glamour to my make-up collection and I think this item succeeds. I think this is a great lip stain for those like myself who don’t really do lipstick but also aren’t fans of lip gloss.

You don’t have to worry about the dry flaking that often comes with lip stains and it feels good to know the ingredients are so natural. There are seven shades in the collection so there should be something for everyone.

L.O.G. Cosmetics Lip Stain is priced at £8.00.

For more information, please visit their website