L.O.G. Cosmetics Eye Shadow

I got to try the L.O.G. Cosmetics' Eye Shadow pigments in Afro and Lulu, as well as the Fresh Beginning shade from their Light In The Heart collection. The eye shadows are all natural, not tested on animals and are preservative and paraben free, though they are not vegan friendly.

The brand promises their eyeshadows will help to create dazzling eye makeup looks due to their high pigments. These eyeshadows will definitely help you turn heads thanks to their vibrant colour on the skin.

Lulu is a shimmery light green shade that I wore on the top of my lid alongside liquid black eyeliner. Afro is a dark but vibrant purple shade while Fresh Beginning is a striking deep blue which I wore the least out of the three.

The eyeshadows are very highly pigmented and this does help them to be quite long-lasting when applied. I found the shades were easy enough to blend but I only wore them on their own rather than mixing them with other shades to create a more complex look.

You can also use the eyeshadows as eyeliners if you want a slightly more subtle pop of colour on the lid, and I found Afro was best for this.

The 10g eye shadows come in a small container with a stopper lid as well as a main lid to help stop the shadow from escaping, but it does make it a bit harder to get out the right amount when applying.

I think these eyeshadows are great for those who like bright, vibrant eye colour but it might be one to avoid for those who want more subtle everyday shades.

The L.O.G. Cosmetics site states they want to “build a community of beauty lovers that want to be part of a brand that is personally rewarding” and I think it’s great there is an ethical brand which ensures it caters to women of colour especially.

While the shades are striking, they are also stunning on darker skin tones and means women who chose to go for natural makeup can still enjoy the level of glamour they desire.

L.O.G. Cosmetics Eye Shadow are priced at £10.00 each.

For more information, please visit their website.