L'Occitane Eau de Cade


L'Occitane is known for sheer luxury and their skincare, body care and hair care are next to none when it comes to quality. Their male fragrance is nothing to be sniffed at either. The Eau de Cade draws from the purest essential oil to create aromatic and woody notes. It contains top notes of Bergamot and Petit Grain, medium notes of Cedar Wood and Pink Pepper and base notes of Cade Wood and Citrus. Every fragrance has a story and the one for Eau de Cade is of how shepherds in Provence hand down the secrets of Cade Wood to the next generation. This is a symbol of a tenacious character and strong values of tradition and generosity which is reflected in aura of the product. The fragrance is packaged into a stylish bottle that oozes masculinity.

The smell last all day maybe not as strong as the early hours but one can still smell the crispy spices after many hours of wear. I do really like the Eau de Cade; it has a strong smell to it that is of warm blend of dry wood and crispy spices. I also love the fact that it stays on for a very long time. I would certainly buy the fragrance again as I like the simplicity of it and obviously the fact that it last all day.

The fragrance is priced at £42. For more information please visit the website.