Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour


Liz Earle dipped their toes into the nail polish range last year when they launched their Strengthening Nail Colour collection. These polishes are enriched with avocado and borage oils and are fortifying and chip-resistant. It says on the website that it lasts for up to 12 days which when you think about it is very vague and slightly negligent. Up to 12 days could mean that the polish chips on the first day. Anyway this month Liz Earle have introduced two new limited shades to the collection called Awakening, a pretty candy pink and Moonlight, a cool, pale grey which are inspired by the French Manicure As I often wear pastels or bold colours I decided to give Moonlight a go. The polish was easy to apply due to the formula being very watery. The first coat is very unimpressive and leaves your nails looking streaky. My first response was to wipe it off because I really did not see how a second coat would look any better but I decided to preserve. The second coat does indeed make a lot of difference and you are left with a sleek manicure. Despite the watery texture this polish allows you apply it on a lot more accurately than I have done with any other polish. In fact I am rather proud of my handiwork. However I do feel that this polish would look ten times better in a much brighter or bolder colour. Moonlight was a simply too drab for me and I think Awakening would be a much better fit or in fact any shade from the existing collection.

I took the polish after five days and it was beginning to chip round the edge but bear in mind that I did not apply topcoat every two days which I always do so this manicure might have lasted a few days longer. At £7.50 this is not a bad bottle of nail polish; you get a a very stylish shaped bottle that is a decent size and a great selection of colours to choose from.

Liz Earle Spring/Summer 2014 Colour Limited Editions are available to buy this month but only till September from Liz Earle stores and their website. You can also pick them up at selected counters at John Lewis and Boots, and on QVC.