Lime Crime Velvetine


Every women's dream is to have a lipstick that last all day and not require re-application. I've tried some brands that claim to provide long wearing lipstick that lasts all day, but sadly it is not always the case. They either last a couple of hours, or by the time you take two sips of your drink it's all gone with the glass or they just don't do what it says on the package. So I was eager to try Lime Crime Velvetine, which is the original liquid to matte lipstick. Lime Crime is an American makeup brand that is owned by an independent team of make-up lovers from Los Angeles, who are committed to producing the "most kick-ass, true-to-color, cruelty-free cosmetics". They believe make-up shouldn't just be used to cover up imperfections, but to express your personality hence the bright, bold and unapologetic colours in their lipstick range. I received the Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet - as you all probably know by now red is one of my favourite lip colours to wear so I was super excited to try this and the fact that it's matte just topped up the icing on the cake.

This lipstick is described as having the texture of a rose petal in a bottle. Nice eh? What's better than one you can wear all day and not having to worry about re-application? This product is a rich, highly pigmented formula that glides on for a velvety look and dries to a luscious matte finish. When I tested out this lipstick it lasted all day, only one top up was needed which was after a meal. The only downside is that it can be very drying after a while, but that is expected with some matte lipstick products. To avoid that I recommend applying a base to help with moisture. Lime Crime products aren't only pretty to the eye and long lasting they are also PETA verified vegan and certified cruelty free brand.

Lime Crime pic 2

Lime Crime Velvetines is priced at £13.00.

For more information, please visit their website.