LIHA Idan Oil


For a Caribbean island girl like me coconut is king. coconut oil has so many uses and it will take you from kitchen to bedroom. However, in spite of its well known benefits, the natural smell may not be to everyone’s liking. Enter LIHA who have taken the amazing but humble coconut oil to another level. The brand was created by two friends; British athlete, Abi Oyepitan and publishing mogul, Liha Okunniwa, who are self-confessed product junkies. Idan Oil has been a work in progress for a few years while creating an underground fan base consisting of family and friends. After being inundated with numerous requests for the oil the duo decided to launch LIHA and released Idan Oil as their first product. Idan is the Yoruba word for magic which is based on the Yoruba tradition of making beautifying oils, soaps and lotions from the nuts, tree bark and plants.

As a natural hair wearer I use coconut oil regularly in my hair regime. However, I don’t use it as a leave-in treatment because I don't want to end up with a rancid smell due to me perspiring in the head. Happily this was not the case with Idan Oil, the fragrance of this product is enticing and seductive but not overpowering. The product is made with natural, cold pressed coconut oil into which a Tuberose flower.

I first used the oil to lock in the moisture into my hair after washing and applying my Curl Definer. I applied it every other night to my hair before going to bed for two weeks. During the trial my hair felt soft, bouncy and moisturised and it also smelt marvellous. Every whip of my hair lifted my mood and made me smile.

While trialling the Idan Oil on my hair I applied it to my body and face at night after my bath and it absorbed easily into my skin without feeling greasy. The fragrance to my skin was sublime and lingering with the moisture and it lasted through the night to the morning. During my trial of the product the texture of my skin improved and felt really supple. I only applied it to my face a couple times per week during the two weeks trial as a treat which would result in me waking up to a smooth, moisturised and radiant face.

This oil has other uses; it can be used as a deep conditioning hair treatment, manicure oil and beard oil. I also think it would make a wonderful massage oil. Trust me you will be spellbound by this gem of a product, it is a divine elixir which has a sexy smooth silky feel to it.

It solidifies in cool temperatures but is easily melted when you dip it in warm water or place it under running warm water from the tap. I’ve had to melt it several times but that did not affect the quality. I store mine in my bathroom cabinet. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s a superb multi-purpose product that is simply and beautiful packaged. Mostly important it’s effective.

LIHA Idan Oil comes in two sizes - 30ml priced at £16.00 and 100ml priced at £39.00.

For more information on LIHA please visit their website.