Lavender & Mint Scented Candle by Floris London


The first thing I will say is that this is not a cheap candle - at £40 it is up there with the Jo Malone's and Diptyqe's but it smells so good. Unlike Diptype which can be rather overpowering the Lavender and Mint candle by Floris London has a much more subtle smell that flows into your room rather than invade it. This candle has a citrus smell that is very fresh and the spiced amber accord gives it a slightly sweet smell so it does not appear bitter. Other notes in are lavender, coriander, clary sage, mint and armoise, woody patchouli, musk and moss. It smells totally lush and fresh which is due to the high levels of pure fragrance oils that have been used. Each candle is hand poured with blended wax to ensure even burning.

If you want to invest in a quality candle that gives you a rich ambience which is warm and soothing then you do not need to look any further. It is perfect for your bedroom and you are guarrenteed an average minimum burning time 35 hours.

For more information please visit the Floris London website.