Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide


Flawless Fluide is the newest addition to the Smooth Finish Collection by Laura Mercier, joining the much loved Smooth Finish Foundation Powder. Both foundations are ultra modern with cutting edge technology to deliver a light weight finish that blends seamlessly into your own complexion. You couldn’t ask for any more. I was pleased to discover not only 24 shades in the collection, but also to see it broken down into undertones (cool, warm and neutral) and levels of shade intensity. It’s these little things that make all the difference when choosing foundations. A lot of big brands produce all inclusive foundations, but it’s great to see other factors being taken into consideration to make deciding on a foundation an easier affair.

It’s not a smothering foundation that leaves you feeling suffocated under its very conscious weight. It’s barely there and for me herein lies its beauty. As a busy Facialist, I don’t need to feel caked up all day and clients don’t like seeing an overdone face. I prefer my look to be natural and polished. Flawless Fluide delivers that.

Like most foundations it’s designed to be long wearing. With a good primer underneath, I can easily achieve 10 - 12 hours with minimal touch ups. Once it’s on, it’s on and you can throw pretty much anything at it - sweat, orange juice from the baby, opening up a steamy dishwasher - basically daily life in my household and it stays put.

Being cool toned, I’ve been using CHESTNUT and I have been very impressed with the quality of the finish. A gentle shake activates the bi-phase formula to deliver a more true to life shade. I’ve found finger application the best method of use and compared to a brush the results have been much better. It’s easier to achieve the blur and smoothness necessary for a flawless finish.

This foundation is truly in line with the Laura Mercier philosophy, that great looking skin is the first and central requirement to achieving a great overall look. With that in mind, it’s gets a thumbs up from me.

For more information please visit their website.