Kurly Klips


Lately everyone is going natural and by that I mean everyone is ditching the /relaxer and letting their Afro fro. For women in transit or those that simply want to add volume or length to their natural mane without going through the process of a sew-in then Kurly Klips is the answer. The brand was founded in 2013 by Lana Boone after her encounter with a not-so knowledgeable stylist who ruined her 10 months worth of hair transition with a potential traction alopecia.. Kurly Klips is a curly textured clip-in hair extensions that offers a very quick process in adding length to your mane, Kurly Klips promises you versatility, protective styling, and control over your tresses. Since it's launch the brand has been making waves in the hair industry, not only for its versatility but with the fact that it's quick, easy and 100% human hair. I was sent two packs of Kurly Klips to try out and see what the fuss was all about, and I was truly impressed. I was asked to choose two styles of my choice to achieve the look I wanted. As it's an American company I thought it would take at least a week for it to get me but I was wrong and I received the clip-ins literally three days of placing the order. It was exquisitely packed in a well put-together box which has a little opening that has a clip-in sample in it for a preview before you get to the actual hair sealed away. I guess the idea is that once you are happy with the texture then you can break the seal. A great little touch.

I went for Shoulder Chic Fro and Bob Cat Fro to achieve a natural Afro look. The hair comes in different weft pieces that can be placed differently to achieve whichever style you want to go for (each box has 1 x 10 inch weft, 1 x 6 inch weft, 5 x 3 inch weft), the texture of the clip-ins is beautiful - it is soft and blends really well with my natural hair. At first I was a bit skeptical as to whether the two packets would be enough to cover my full head, but that worry was put to bed when the hair arrived. Once I started placing the clip-ins my hair came to life.

Kurly Klips is really great for in-between styles because it can be styled within 10 minutes with no hairdressing skill required. As it's 100% human hair, the clip-ins can be washed, conditioned and coloured yet will still remain in good condition. If looked after really well, you will really enjoy using these extensions because not only is it a great investment but it allows you to create many different styles.

The only problem I had with the Kurly Klips is that I noticed when I wore it for a long period of time, it started to feel a bit uncomfortable due to it being pressed against the scalp. However, that can be easily fixed by simply moving it further away from the scalp. Once it's fasten you don't need to worry about it falling off as the clips are so secure; trust me I put this to the test with the aggressive London wind. :)

Kurly Klips pic 2

Kurly Klips is priced from £106.00 upwards and is available online.

For more information please visit their website.

You can read our interview with Kurly Klips founder, Lana Boone.