Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Collection


I first heard about Korres via fellow beauty bloggers. Because of the rave reviews I popped into my local Waitrose and bought myself a Lip Butter Stick and Shower Gel which I loved. So I was very pleased to try their  Vanilla Cinnamon collection which consists of the Shower Gel and Body Milk. I adore aromatic fragrances because they make me feel sensual and womanly. There is something about the smell of cinnamon that makes me think of a relaxing evening with a glass of red wine and a roaring fire. Korres Vanilla Cinnamon is a terrifically sensuous combination. I trialled the duo and they made my skin feel super soft and supple. Korres is known for using no nasties in their products; they don’t use ingredients like mineral oil, paraffin wax or silicones. Having products that are so kind to the skin, environmentally and easily accessible on the British High Street is a dream. The Shower Gel contains 89.3 % natural ingredients, while the Body Milk has 93% natural. If you are a brownbeauty with sensitive or dry skin issues, this brand is one to try. Even if you don’t have any skin woes try it anyway because it so good. You really feel that Korres go out of their way to find the best and create the most innovative combinations. The quality, consistency and fragrance of this range will care for your skin and make your heart sing.

The Shower Gel creates a gentle lather that makes your skin feel silky and you leave the bathroom smelling heavenly. While the Body Milk is very rich and creamy, it absorbs well into your skin leaving it well moisturised with the heady fragrance of the vanilla and cinnamon. Granted spicy fragrances are normally used in the colder months. I enjoy using mine when I need a jumpstart in the morning or, at the end of a long stressful day. The aromatic spices will go to your senses and deliver a real ‘Ahhh’ moment.

Korres has an extensive range of products for ladies and gentlemen from top to toe. The brand was built on the homeopathic pharmacist experience of George Korres. After working in and managing Greece’s first homeopathic pharmacy from 1989, he created KORRES in 1996. The brand’s simple philosophy was rooted in the use of natural and/or certified organic ingredients of the highest quality and environmentally friendly products with clinically tested efficiency. Their aim is to create products that are affordable for everyday use yet of interesting aesthetics that can ‘inspire and make us happy. I think it’s safe to say they have achieved that. In my experience it’s difficult to use any of their products and not smile.

The Vanilla Cinnamon Shower Gel is priced at £8.00 and the Body Milk at £10.00.

For more information, please visit their website.