Korres Black Pine Serum-Oil


Korres is the perfect example of how homeopathy and pharmacology can work in perfect symmetry. New on the market is Korres Black Pine Serum-Oil. Strictly speaking any good quality skincare product is ‘anti-ageing’ or reduces the sign of ageing. The closer it is to nature the more likely it is to be beneficial to your skin. Nevertheless, some brands really push the boat out when it comes to research and innovation by creating skincare stemming from traditional medicine and beauty secrets and Korres is one of them. Korres Black Pine-Oil combines the performance of a powerful firming oil with the experience of a silky one and best of all, it can be used day and/or night. I trialled the Black Pine Serum-Oil for one month adding to my night regime and I’m happy to report that I had marvellous results.

Force of habit means that I prefer to use facial oils at night because due to Mummy duties my morning routines can be rushed. At night I have the luxury to take a few more minutes to combine mindful relaxation into my skincare regime. The Serum-Oil has been the ideal complement to my ritual. Although, it’s not how I expected pine to smell, the oil-serum is delightful.

After cleansing my face and applying eye cream I would gently massage three to four drops of the product into my skin (face and décolleté) which is light and luxurious at the same time. Rubbing it between my palms, inhaling the divine fragrance, feeling the lusciousness of the product truly made my ritual special. It glided on smooth like silk and absorbed quickly. My skin had a healthy hydrated appearance without being shiny.

The following morning of the first day my skin looked refreshed and smooth with a natural moisturised appearance and over the weeks of use my skin looked and felt younger. By the end of the month, I noticed the fine lines that were developing under my eyes and branching out to the brow bone area were almost gone. Above all, the improvement to my outer eye area has given me the most joy.

The featured ingredients in this Serum-Oil are Black Pine oil, Spilanthes Acmella Extract, Apricot, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Argan and Sweet Almond Oils. It is 87.9% natural and free from Mineral Oil, Parabens, Paraffin wWax and other nasties. It is enriched with natural lipids together with Black Pine polyphenols to helps to restore skin firmness, volume and contour. I didn’t have any issues with firmness, volume or contour with my skin. My issues were fine lines, moisture retention sometimes skin irritation and the Black Pine Serum-Oil worked wonders for me.

Korres Black Pine Serum-Oil is priced at £45.00

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