Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips

Know Cosmetics is a brand which seeks to provide "solutions for your everyday makeup challenges". No Bleeding Lips sets out to solve a problem many of us have encountered - bleeding lips, especially when wearing red lipstick.  The product claims to be a "waterproof, long-lasting colourless lip liner which prevents lipstick or gloss from feathering".

It is actually translucent mechanical push-up lip pencil. I have used clear lip pencils before and a number of brands sell them so I couldn’t see why this product would be any different or better.  I didn’t test it with lipgloss but I did try it with one of my most slippery lipsticks.

Unfortunately, I didn’t follow the instructions properly so it was not a fair trial. I put the liner all over my lips which is what I usually do and the lipstick bled. I then just lined my lips and I got the same result. It was my fault again. When I finally read the instructions, I realised where I was going wrong and it became clear why No Bleeding Lips is different to other clear lipliners.

You have to overline your lips - the line outside the outline of your lip. I have never done this before for fear of looking ridiculous.  I tried it properly with a red semi-matte lipstick and it worked. Even more impressive, from a distance it made my lips look nice and plump which is great because my lips are quite thin. It looked like I had highlighted my top lip which is another trick used to give the illusion of full lips.

Unfortunately, close up you could see the liner as it looked white on my brown skin. I like the push-up mechanism so you don't have to fiddle with sharpeners. You have to push and twist at the same time and twisting alone doesn’t work but only do it a little bit because you cannot retract the liner. It's one-way only.  I think this pencil is a brilliant idea but I couldn’t recommend it to brown beauties unless they are prepared to conceal the liner after applying lipstick or gloss. I usually don't have the time for that; a lot of the time I wear just a bold lipstick and nothing else.

Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips is priced at £12.50.

For more information, please visit their website