Know Cosmetics No Bare Brows

Know Cosmetics is a new brand to me. Before reading about it my first impression was that the brand set out to create solutions to the problems all beauty lovers encounter. According to the brand literature, Know Cosmetics, amongst other things, seeks to provide "solutions for your everyday makeup challenges". That confirms my first thoughts.

No Bare Brows is a 4-in-1 solution which claims to be a universal shade complete with wax, a sharpener, and a brush. The universal shade claim was the thing that stood out for me and the way it works is quite clever. I usually wear a dark cool brown on my brows. The pencil colour is a cool brown and on a first look it is just a touch too pale. To make it work for darker brows, I had to (as instructed) apply greater pressure than I would do if I had lighter hair. It works; the greater the pressure the darker the line.

The downside is that I didn’t get a consistent colour every time. Sometimes I pressed too hard and the colour was far too dark. If I used the pencil without sharpening in-between, I couldn’t get the desired dark line so my brows were strangely pale. Therefore, for those of us with darker hair, it needs sharpening after every use. You might do that anyway with other pencils but this one is only 0.5g. brownbeauties will use it all up very quickly.

Although the pencil feels waxy I still used the wax side which can also be used on its own. The brush is on a lid which is a nice compact size allowing for precision brushing. The compact sharpener is also in a lid with a cap for sharpening on the go, although I prefer to use a full-sized sharpener.

The Know Cosmetics No Bare Brows is on the Superdrug website for £18 which is the most I would pay for it. I applaud Know Cosmetics for attempting to make a brow product that is suitable for all. I don't think it is completely suitable for those who need a shade at either extremity but it just about works for me. It succeeds in its 4-in-1 claim and due to this, and the fact it only has 0.5g of pencil and wax each, I think it is best as a holiday product (just don’t put the sharpener in your hand luggage).

For more information, please visit their website