KIKO Wanderlust Collection


KIKO have recently released the Wanderlust collection, which is their new limited edition range that is inspired by sun-kissed landscapes and the excitement of outdoor adventures. The collection is surprisingly extensive and entirely befitting with the summer season. It consists of a foundation, DD cream, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lip oils, lipstick, bronzer, blush, highlighter as well as a fragrance. I tested out the Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer, Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush, Sunshine Powder Foundation SPF 20 and the Free Spirit Lip and Cheek Pencil. The first product I tried was the Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer in shade Sienna Melange. It comes in the form of a very large compact, complete with a high quality interior mirror. The bronzer is predominately medium brown, with ripples of dark brown intertwined for an extra edge. The powder is very fine and is therefore a breeze to apply and buff into the skin, creating a sophisticated seamless look. This product can be used as a bronzer or, due to its finely-milled texture, can be used as a tan. My favourite aspect of this bronzer is the fragrance - it smells of delectable vanilla, which transfers to the skin as you apply it. The compact is quite the opposite of compact, containing an impressive 20g of bronzer.

The Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush looks like a smaller version of the Baked Bronzer. It is a single blush but integrates three shades within the single dome of powder. The three shades can be applied individually, but I think that the best effect is derived when the shades are used together. The blush brightens the complexion and shade Lust Coral is a mid, pink mauve with a hint of warm coral. The super fine texture ensures that the product can be applied seamlessly, just like the Baked Bronzer. With both products I have been using the delightful Wanderlust Face Brush which is a kabuki brush and ideal for the application of baked face powders. It is extremely soft and harmonious with the Baked Bronzer and Trio Baked Blush.

I have also tried the Sunshine Powder Foundation SPF 20, which is said to be ideal for normal to combination skin. I have never used a dual wet and dry powder foundation before, but I am glad I have because it is very versatile and convenient - in warmer weather, you can use the foundation dry, to provide a light coverage and a semi-matte finish, but when applied with a damp sponge or foundation brush, the coverage is enhanced and can cover my hyperpigmentation. So the Foundation feels like you’re getting two foundations in one. It comes in a compact like the blush compact, but has an extra compartment to hold the sponge. The shades are very limited with only Medium that would suit brown beauties who are of a lighter shade.

Lastly, I tried the Free Spirits Lips and Cheeks Pencil, which can be used as a lip crayon or a blush. The formula is ultra creamy, meaning it can be blended easily to add colour to the lips or cheeks. KIKO have opted for a semi-matte finish, so that you can use it in the summer and avoid shiny skin. I prefer to use this as a lipstick pencil because the idea of a blush pencil is a bit adventurous for me, but interesting nevertheless. The brand have included a sharpener with the product too. I received this in shade Compass Pink, which is a medium, hot pink that is very suitable in summery weather.

Overall, KIKO’s Wanderlust collection is an attractive, high-quality one, but with practicalities considered too - most of the products have a semi-matte finish, which is ideal for warmer weather. The products are reasonably priced and possess aesthetics which rival those of luxury high-end brand products.

KIKO Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer is priced at £22.90, the Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush at £16.90, Sunshine Powder Foundation SPF 20 at £15.90 and the Free Spirit Lip and Cheek Pencil at £9.90.

KIKO Wanderlust pic 2

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