Keeping that Holiday Glow with Karamel and Brown


Have you ever returned from holiday with that golden glow only for it to fade away after a week or so? You really want to hold onto that summer bloom but you are not sure how. Well, the answer is simple just get a tan. Yes, you read that correctly. I said get a tan. It’s weird but natural that when we think about tanning we never associate it with people with darker skin tones. In fact, we have this preconceived idea that it will only make us darker. Tanning is something some of our most famous Women of Colour have been doing for years now. It’s the fastest and safest way to get that desired holiday glow all year round. Karamel and Brown is the (if not the only) tanning brand that is specifically made for WoC who are after that sun kissed glow. Since it launched four years ago, the brand seems to have become the go to product for models, TV presenters and of course bloggers. They are now stocked in Debenhams and have bigger plans to come.

We managed to get a sit down with Karamel and Brown founder, Cheryl Effiom to find out how the product works, its key ingredients and the benefits of tanning!

How does Karamel and Brown work? So basically it just works with the brown undertones of the skin and it caramelizes on the surface of the skin and it works with the air to become a golden brown colour. It is completely natural and completely organic. No alcohol or parabens so there is nothing to worry about if one was to have sensitive skin.

What are the key ingredients? We use organic products including Aloe Vera that is sourced in the UK.

How long does the glow last? Ok so depending on the product used…if you are using our Glow Mousse for the body or the Express Glow Legs, you are looking at it lasting four to seven days depending on the after care. I mean basically it would only wash off with your natural color of your skin. As your skin naturally sheds is when you can expect the product to begin to fade away.

When is the best time to apply the product? In my personal experience, the glow looks best 48 hours after application. For example If you wanted it for a Saturday night, do it on Thursday evening so its got a good couple of days to settle into the skin. By then any excess would have been washed off and you are left with a really natural looking color.

Aside from a holiday glow, what other benefits does tanning have for darker skinned women? In regards to the particular product not only does it benefit because you are staying out of the sun. (which we all know can be harmful and causes excessive dryness). our product helps to even out your skin tone. I know for myself and other WoC that we are notorious for having different shades of brown all over our body. What the products helps to do is even out this array of shades leaving you looking radiant. The product also helps to disguise acne scars on the face or the body. It also helps make stretch marks and cellulite a lot less visible.

Do the products contain SPF? Unfortunately, right now we haven’t been able to manufacture a product to combine with SPF but it is definitely on the cards. It is something that will suit our clientele. Right now you would still need to use an SPF on top of the products. If you are doing this, try and use one that is water based because oil based product tend to strip the product off the skin.

Finally, what would you say to the WoC who is still skeptical about tanning? I would say just try it. A lot of the women we now have using our products were skeptical before, but once they tried it on they have continued to come back.

Top tip from Cheryl Mix a tiny bit (about a 10p size amount) of Glow Body Mousse with your normal face moisturiser (again make sure it's water based) and rub on your face. This will give you an instant glow with a dewy look and no need for foundation.

Karamel and Brown can be purchased online via their website which ships Worldwide or in Debenhams Croydon.

For more information about Karamel and Brown please visit their website.