Karamel & Brown is Now Stocked in Debenhams


Some people might think that tanning for Women of Colour is a rather strange concept but for those of you who want to keep that sun kissed glow from your holidays then you might want to consider it. Karamel & Brown launched a few years ago by introducing a brand new tanning concept specifically for brown skin tones. Their revolutionary Glow Mousse and Creme range enhances the natural beauty of Asian, Black and Mixed Heritage complexions, giving the skin a nourishing, hydrating and long lasting glow whilst hiding imperfections and scars. Karamel & Brown is the baby of Cheryl Effiom who has taken it from strength to strength which has result to lots of attention from the press and beauty bloggers as well as becoming a finalist in the Pure Beauty Awards last year.

To add icing to the cake, Karamel & Brown is now being sold in Debenhams in Croydon. This will be the brand's first retail deal and there are hopes that the brand will be stocked in the flagship branch on Oxford Street.

For more information about Karamel & Brown please go to their website.