Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream


Jurlique is an Australian brand who have spent over 30 years developing the purest, most powerful skincare through their own organic and biodynamic ingredients. Their Rose Moisture Plus range is aimed at those with normal to dry skin, who require a bit more when it comes to moisturising. The range contains a variety of complementary products, including a mask and cleanser, and I got to try Jurlique's Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream. The Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream possesses a special anti-oxidant complex, and is described as a sumptuous blend which has both short term and long term benefits for your skin, preventing immediate dehydration and helps to keep the effects of ageing at bay. The vitamin rich formula indulges the skin’s natural goodness with green tea, grapeseed and soy protein which combine to not only nourish the skin, but also repair nasty environmental damage so your face is hydrated and healthy. The inclusion of green tea is particularly attractive as it provides the skin with a cool, refreshing feeling. However it’s the main fragrance of rose oil which dominates the overall product - its strength is not too overwhelming and it lingers on the skin for just the right amount of time.

The cream has a medium texture which is thicker than what you might expect from a face cream, and thinner than that of a typical hand cream, contributing to the idea that the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream is an all-over cream. It has a superb absorbing ability, however it’s not the most moisturising or hydrating cream I’ve used, and I would challenge the claim that a little goes a long way- I ended up finishing the tube pretty quickly. Because of its relative lack of hydration, I would instead recommend this cream for oily or combination skin types.

I’ve noticed that the use of this cream provides the complexion with added plumpness, glow and radiance, to the extent where you might want to skip the use of an illuminating primer and settle for this cream alone. This product performs decently and comes in the form of a handbag-friendly tube, so you can reapply as and when required.

Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream is priced at £29.00.

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