Joan Collins Timeless Beauty


Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is a new beauty brand by Joan Collins OBE. I feel that it’s about time that Joan had a beauty brand of her own since she is a beauty icon to many and has had decades of experience with makeup, and indeed has gained valuable beauty secrets from the ‘greatest beauty experts in cinema’. Each product in her collection is designed to help women achieve 'timeless beauty'. The products look as if they’ve been plucked from the eighties, which won’t be to everyone’s taste, but is to mine since I like how these products look luxuriously different to the usual shiny black of nowadays. The Marilyn Nail Lacquer, priced at £13, comes in a faceted glass bottle with a tall, ribbed, gold lid. I like the look of the product but find the lid slightly flimsy. However the actual nail varnish is very, very opaque. I’ve never come across another nail lacquer that gives a completely opaque finish with a single coat. It takes a few minutes to dry and gives a somewhat glossy finish. I tried this in shade Marilyn, which is a medium to dark rose that would look particularly lovely on darker skin tones. This Nail Lacquer comes in other shades of pinks and reds.

Joan recommends matching nail varnish to lip colour, for a ‘perfectly groomed’ finish. The Lady Joan Compact Duo, priced at £34, contains a Divine Lipstick and Meticulous Powder. I find this duo incredibly convenient as the lips and face are the two things which generally need touching up during the day. I tried the duo which contains a natural shade of powder and lipstick in shade Marilyn (a warm, bright rose), which coordinates with the Marilyn Nail Lacquer. The lipstick smells of chocolate and has a faint shimmer. The wear time isn’t great though, the formulation is velvety smooth. The lipstick has a ribbed gold exterior, with ‘JC’ debossed on the lid. It feels like it’s of a high quality. The powder is finely milled and soft, and doesn’t look cakey on the face at all. The sponge applicator is decent enough on the go but I’d use a powder brush when possible.

Lastly, I tried the I Am Woman Signature Duo priced at £25. It contains the I Am Woman perfume in an Eau de Parfum and a Fragrant Essence form. Both bottles come in faceted glass bottles and hold 12ml of perfume. The Eau de Parfum smells pleasantly musky and has a wood base with floral notes. Again, this is a product which feels like it has come directly from an earlier time, due to the very sweet musk fragrance that could rival other popular musky scents. The Fragrant Essence is similar to the Eau de Parfum but stronger.

I quite like the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range and feel that the products are high in quality and differ in style to many beauty products currently on the market. Although the products look luxuriously vintage, their formulations are reassuringly current.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty pic 2

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is available to buy from QVC.