iWhite Instant


We all want that perfect set of sparkling white teeth just like the Hollywood stars, but some of us can't afford to fork out a staggering £500 for the pleasure. Personally I would rather go on holiday for that price than shell out for a teeth whitening treatment. A lot of brands are now offering professional DIY kits at reasonable prices which give you the closest thing to the Hollywood smile and iWhite Instant is one of them. iWhite Instant Whitening Treatment Kit, is a professional home teeth whitening treatment which is clinically proven to be safe and instantly effective. It contains a peroxide-free formula that provides an instant brightening effect after the very first application. The claims are that it whitens your teeth by up to eight shades in just five days consecutively. I decided to put it to the test.

The desire for teeth as white as snow comes with some high risks such as sensitive gums and teeth but the fact that iWhite is completely bleach free reduces severe damage to your tooth enamel. More importantly, the threat of stomach problems if you swallow the solution is reduced along with uneven white spots on your teeth.

After trying out the kit for five days I didn't see any changes with the colour of my teeth, which I was quite disappointed by because I was looking forward to seeing the change. On a plus side I didn't experience any sensitivity or any other problems with my teeth. iWhites claims that the kit will actively remove stains and strengthen your teeth in just 20mins a day, but to be honest it didn't.

So I moved on to use iWhite instant Whitening Mouthwash which touts maximum result if you use it along with the toothpaste. Despite not seeing actual result with the iWhite instant Whitening Treatment Kit, I kept using the toothpaste and the mouthwash and found them really effective.

The iWhite instant Whitening Toothpaste was developed using a triple action whitening complex that targets stains on and below the surface of the tooth with an active whitening formulation gentle enough for a daily use. The instant Whitening Mouthwash contains blue covarine for immediate optical whitening, it alters the optical perception of the teeth, which gives an immediate white, bright effect with just one use. The end result is an intensely white, bright smile.

iWhite instant is available to purchase in Boots store nationwide and online, iWhite instant Teeth Whitening Kit retail at £29.99, iWhite instant Whitening Toothpaste at £9.99, iWhite instant Whitening Mouthwash at £8.99.

For more information please visit their website.