Island Beauty Lipsticks


I had never heard of Island Beauty before receiving these lipsticks, so it’s shocking to find out that they actually started in London in 1964. Island Beauty pride themselves on providing long lasting colour products at an affordable price. Recently they launched 20 new lipstick colours of which I have four, plus one from the previous line up, making a whopping 56 shades to choose from in a variety of finishes. I’ll start with the four new shades for this year; Cranberry is described as a dark berry red, it’s a true classic red in a matte finish. Lavender is described as a light bright soft pink, it’s a cool toned baby pink in a matte finish. Strawberry is described as a bright fruity strawberry pink, this is a slightly darker more warm toned pink than Lavender and is also matte.

Next up is Citrus Orange, described as a vibrant fruity orange, this is a true warm toned orange in a satin finish. And finally Peach, an existing shade, described as a light pink in a matte finish. This shade comes up an off white shade on my skin tone, I could never wear it alone but I’ve worn it through the centre of my lips after applying Lavender, and it gives a gorgeous nude pink colour that I love.

The shades are all very pigmented, they last well on the lips, and the matte shades aren’t too drying either. I like the white and gold packaging and the unusual shape of the lipstick bullet, which helps with precise application. The packaging is a little flimsy and the bullets do move around inside, causing lipstick to smudge around the inside and top edge of the tube, this is a minor for me and consider the low price tag of £3.49, I would definitely pick up more shades.

Island Beauty Swatch

The Island Beauty Lipsticks are priced at £3.49 each.

For more information, please visit their website.