Invigorating Products That Will Wake You Up In the Morning


Even if you get your recommended eight hours of shut eye, it is never easy getting out of bed when your alarm goes off. You tell yourself, ‘an extra hour of sleep would have made all the difference.’ Sadly, most days we don’t get to enjoy a lie-in and we have to be out of bed, looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as soon as possible. These are the invigorating products that will wake you up in the morning. No coffee needed. Le Couvent des Minimes Botanical Recipe Of The Morning Shower Dew Have you ever heard of a shower dew before? It’s like a body wash but it takes inspiration from the refreshing scents of dawn. It mixes a host of refreshing scents including orange, lemon, basil, cedar and a vegetable base to awaken your senses.

Priced at £7.00

Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Wash Think of this cleanser as an espresso boost for your skin. The pomegranate, grapefruit and vitamin E formula perks up your skin and targets imperfections. If your skin runs on the oily side or you’re prone to spots, this cleanser is for you.

Priced at £3.99

L’Oreal Skin Perfection Awakening Eye Cream Think of this as a BB Cream for your eyes. The multipurpose product reduces the appearance of dark circles, boosts moisture and helps treat wrinkles with a potent serum. There’s no need for concealer thanks to the soft-focus finish.

Priced at £12.99

Superdrug Energised Shower Cream Get prepared to tackle the day with this energy-boosting shower cream. The lotus blossom extract and citrus scent helps you get out of sleep mode and into work mode.

Priced at £1.39

Vichy Aqualia Awakening Eye Balm The thin skin around your eyes can get dehydrated very easily. If you apply this balm morning and night to the area around your peepers, it will plump up your eye area and minimise fine lines, for a wide awake look.

Priced at £15.00

Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Shower Scrub Don’t underestimate the power of a good scent. It can wake you up as much as an espresso. This scrub has lemongrass, ginger and rosemary essential oils. One sniff and those lingering thoughts of sleep will disappear.

Priced at £20.00

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Scrub This cleanser is a pick-me-up in a bottle. The gentle scrub brightens your dull complexion while the refreshing scent gets you firmly out of sleep mode.

Priced at £3.99

Sanctuary Spa Green Lemon And Orange Blossom Spa Body Butter If you are always sluggish in the mornings, slather on this body butter to help kick start your brain. The zesty scent helps perk you up minus the caffeine shakes.

Priced at £10.00

Boots Therapy Energise Shower Gel Ideally you would be fully awake the second you got out of bed but how many times does that happen? That’s what this revitalising shower gel is for. It has stimulating extracts of exotic lemongrass and sea minerals that will tell your brain, ‘wake up!’

Priced at 89p

Oskia Get Up And Glow Serum Unfortunately your face is the one spot on your body that gives away that you haven’t had the best night’s sleep. This serum brightens and lifts your complexion so you can pretend you got your full eight hours.

Priced at £64.50

Swap your regular skincare products for refreshing ones and mornings will be a little easier.