Intelligence Squared: Untanglng the Politics of Black Hair


We talked about The Beauty Project a few weeks ago and it is still going strong. Just to recap, The Beauty Project is a six week beauty bonanza taking place at Selfridges in London, Birmingham and Manchester that consists of talks, interactve debates and immersive beauty experiences. This Thursday Selfridges London will be talking about afro hair and its cultural and psychological impact. Intelligence Squared: Untanglng the Politics of Black Hair is a debate that plans to tackle the symbolism of Afro hair and whether the way we wear our hair indicates our psyche.

The debate will be chaired by journalist, author and curator Hannah Pool and she will be joined by writer and commentator Emma Dabiri, award-winning hair and makeup artist Editi Udofot and Diane Abbott, the fist black woman ever elected to British Parliament.

The debate takes place on Thursday 29th May at 7pm and tickets are £15.00. To book tickets and for more information please visit the website.