IMAN Cosmetics Alter Ego Collection


I have to say, it's truly amazing to see brands aimed at Women of Colour upping their game and finally gaining momentum. I previously reviewed a couple of products from black| Up and now I have the Alter Ego collection from IMAN Cosmetics. For those not in the know, IMAN Cosmetics is the brainchild of supermodel, Iman. Since its inception in 1994, the brand was only available in the US but managed to seep into the UK. Thanks to the demand, they recently launched their UK site along with new products. A selection of products from the Alter Ego collection such as their Luxury Lip Shimmers, Luxury Moisturising Lipsticks plus the Luxury Contour Trio was sent to me. Unfortunately though, it wasn't every product that I loved.

Whilst, the formula and staying power of the Lipsticks were amazing, the shades were dubious for a brand aimed at women of colour. Take Baby Doll for example, as a swatch, the blush tone lipstick looked like your perfect every day lipstick. However, upon application, it proved to be a shade I wouldn't even want to touch with a barge poll unless a lip liner was involved. Rebel is a deep brown reminiscent of the 90s, the rich semi-matte finish enabled it to procure a place in my daily make-up look.

As the number one lipgloss hater in the world, you can image how gobsmacked I was that I liked IMAN's lipgloss range. Filled with vitamin E, chamomile, and shea butter, the Luxury Lip Shimmers were a force to be reckoned with. It had everything you’d want in a lip gloss. A doe-foot applicator that provides a non stick long-lasting finish. YASSSS!

According to IMAN Cosmetics' website, "Average highlighters have white/silver shimmering pearls that reflect light off the skin to create the “strobe effect”. This works for lighter skin tones but does not produce a natural-looking result on olive to dark brown skin. The main problem I encountered with this range was that some of the products were very hit and miss.

The Luxury Contour Trio has the ability to change the makeup game of every black woman with a love for contour and highlighting but the packaging is curbing this. The contour is in a rich shade deep enough for darker skin tones. The bronzer is a warm, copper tone for all complexions. While the highlighter is made with fine luminescent pearls in honey-golden tone vs a frosted white/silver. Should the contour, highlighter and bronzer be separated, application would be much easier - leading to a cleaner finish.


IMAN Cosmetics Alter Ego Luxury Lip Shimmers are priced at £14.95, the Luxury Moisturising Lipsticks at £12.95 and the Luxury Contour Trio at £15.95.

For more information, please visit their website.