Illusions Cosmetics


Prior to receiving these items, I had never heard of Illusions Cosmetics. It is a US brand which was founded in 2006 by twin sisters Denise and Janice Tunnell, who have 16 years experience as celebrity makeup artists on film and TV. They wanted to bring their knowledge of skincare and makeup techniques to the masses, as well as giving brown beauties more options in colour cosmetics. They sent me a bundle of products to try - Pressed Powder, Eye Shadow Base, Eye Dust, Eye Shadow Pallette and The Reds' 5 Pan Lip Palette. The Pressed Powder in Mocha is a multi-use base product that can be used to blot, set makeup or worn alone for light coverage. I really like this powder, I've used it all the ways mentioned above, but I enjoy it most as a setting powder. I found this product lightweight and it did not cake and held oils at bay very well before my face needed touching up. It does contain talc, which I know is an issue for some. This is available in a myriad of shades.

Next up is the Eye Shadow Base in Dark, as the name suggests is helps eyeshadow last longer and primes the colours. I don't often wear an eyeshadow base but I've enjoyed using this. It's nice to have a choice of shades as a woman of colour, this item comes in three shades and this is the darkest. It can also be worn alone to neutralise the lid colour and diminish any fine lines, for a simple daytime makeup look. This Base will come in handy during the pending warmer months when my oily skin takes hold.

Next to the Pressed Powder, the Eye Dust is my favourite of the products and this is essentially Loose Powder Eyeshadows, like the MAC Loose Pigments. The ingenious thing with these is the spill proof packaging, and their multi use function, they can be used wet or dry, as eyeliner, to highlight or to add shimmer/shine all over the body. I have two shades Chocoholic; a stunning bronze, copper brown and Horizon; a straight up gorgeous gold.

Sticking with eyes I would like to draw your attention to the Eye Shadow Palette in Summer Habit which is a palette of four quite bright eyeshadows - one matte, two satins and one shimmer finish. These are very pigmented, soft and blend well, they are probably not shades I would have picked, but if you're bored of neutral palettes this is one to consider. It will work well with your existing stash to make it more wearable or you can go all out. There are other options or you can buy an empty palette and create your own quad. This product is housed in a black plastic secure compact, with a good sized mirror and sponge tip applicator.

Last but not least is the The Reds 5 Pan Lip Palette, as the name would suggest, this is a palette of varying shades of red lipsticks in the shades Speak Up, Paso Doble, Classic Red, Cranberry and Currant. This is a great compact way to house lipsticks and increase your stash quickly and cheaply. I only wish there were a collection of other shades available, can you imagine a nude palette?

I've enjoyed using these products and definitely interested in trying more from the brand, Illusions Cosmetics offers great choice in quality products with a nice shade range at an affordable price.

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The Pressed Powder is $18, Eyeshadow Base is $10, Eye Dusts are $12 each, Eye Shadow Palette is $30 and the Lipstick Palette is $25.

For more information, please visit their website.