Illamasqua Glamore Nude Lipsticks


I am a huge Illamasqua lippie fan. ESP is in my top three purple lipsticks due to the great pigmentation and matte texture. For some the texture is too dry but for me it is perfect. The new range of Glamore lippies is a departure from that texture. Described as satin these lipsticks have a much more moisturising formula and glide over the lips depositing almost as much colour as the matte textures do. Cherub is from the Nude Collection and it is a warm coral that is not deep enough for my skin tone. I did make it work – but it involved lots of brown lip pencil and a gold lip gloss over the top. It looked nice but it no longer looked like Cherub. The formulation of the Glamore lipsticks is so lovely that it was a real shame to have to mess with it so much. If you have a fair to medium south Asian/Middle Eastern complexion you may find that this colour is perfect for you. If you have a deeper complextion there are other shades in the range which will be more appropriate for you.

Such as Vampette. Love it. It is described by Illamasqua as Berry, it looks brown in the tube and on the lips it is somewhere in between. If you wear this colour as a stain, the berriness really comes through and it is very pretty (you can also pop it in the cheeks as a blush) but if like me you like to apply an even layer of colour directly from the bullet then you will find the impact very intense. I need a lip pencil to ensure that the colour is over both lips, the formula is lovely - and it is not shiny on the lips as some moisturising textures are.

Illamasqua Glamore Nude is available from Selfridges and selected stockists and retail for £18.95.

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