Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask


Canadian beauty brand, Indeed Labs have extended the hugely popular Hydraluron range with another fabulous product. The Moisture Boosting Masks are sheet masks saturated with hyaluronic acid which has a time release formula. This means that instead of your skin getting a hyaluronic boost in one hit, it is drip fed which means that levels in the skin remain constant. If you have used other sheet masks you will know that the term 'one size fits al'l actually really doesn’t. I have a large round face so the perimeters of my face were not covered but it was better than other masks that I have tried. The mask is properly saturated with product. There is enough of the serum in the bottom of the pouch for you to reapply to the mask once it starts to dry out or to use one you have taken the mask off. The mask itself completely covers the nose and the eyelids so it really encourages you to sit back and do nothing for 15 minutes - not even TV. When you remove it, add the additional from the packet and go to bed. In the morning your skin will be plump and hydrated.

You could use the mask as a pre-event refresher – but I prefer to use it before bed and see the effects on my skin the next day. This isn’t a mask that you will necessarily use every week – but the next time it is on offer in Boots it would be well worth your while to stock up. I like this product, not for part of my weekly pampering session but more as a booster product. It was effective as a skin hydrater and plumper.

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask is available from Boots for £19.99.

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