Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

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The term ‘nude’ in the beauty industry has definitely been something I (and probably many other brown beauties) have side-eyed over the years. It was the case for a long time (and even today) that when companies release a ‘nude’ range of products, they base their colour palettes on Caucasian shade ranges – and well, that of course is not a match for us darker skin toned beauties. 

Over time we’ve seen many brands adjust their nude shades to compliment different skin tones, and Huda Beauty have not disappointed in this. When we think of ‘nudes’ in makeup we’re probably drawn towards different shades of lipsticks. Well, Huda Beauty have released a set of ‘nude’ eyeshadow palettes! 

Huda Beauty Nude Rich_3.jpg

Nude Obsessions consists of three eyeshadow palettes that are curated to compliment all skin tones and eye colours. The premise is that you define your own ‘nude’ and choose a palette that works best for you. Each one contains five matte eyeshadows and four complimentary shimmery metallic shades. 

Nine pan palettes are nothing new from Huda Beauty, so if you like these smaller travel friendly palettes then they have a wide range to choose from. Nude Obsessions are definitely a great option if you want a palette that you could use everyday as well as use it to create more glam looks. Don’t mistaken ‘nude’ to mean basic – as these shades are definitely not just basic everyday shades. 

Huda Beauty Nude Light.jpg

Each palette in the Nude Obsessions range is designed to be complimentary, as mentioned above. There is a Nude Light, Nude Medium and Nude Rich. If we look at each case based on the names then you’d quite rightly assume that they compliment fair, medium and deep/dark skin tones. However, after swatching and creating looks using all three I’m quite pleasantly surprised that even on my dark skin tone I can quite easily use all of them with good results.

I believe the reason they can work on any skin tone, is that they are all quite warm shades and very pigmented. Each one has a shade of brown, gold, mauve, pink and purple that would work for different skin tones. Something that is missing is a complimentary matte brow bone highlight shade that would work best in both the medium and rich palettes.

Huda Beauty Nude Medium.jpg

The light case has a light shade which would work on fair skin, which is something that most palettes always have. I quite like the fact that there are no black shades in any of these but different shades of brown have been used to add depth. On a side note it would be great to see a range of nude eyeshadows that have more of a cool tone colour palette too.

Huda Beauty Light Swatch.jpg

The quality of the eyeshadows is the same as other Huda Beauty eyeshadows I’ve used. They are very pigmented and the matte shades are quite smooth (or ‘buttery’ as described by Huda Beauty!). The only matte shade that I found to be a bit patchy was the dark brown matte shade in the Nude Rich palette, however it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t work with and once built up I was able to blend it well. The metallic shades are beautiful all round. Some shades have more obvious glitter, but all are still quite smooth to work with and of course if you dampen the shades that increases their intensity. 

Huda Beauty Medium Palette.jpg

These are great products to travel with as they are small enough to fit in your bag and have a hard plastic case with faux leather on the lids. They also each have a decent sized mirror on the inside. This is quite a step up from the other obsessions palettes as they are packaged in what feels like heavy card. 

Huda Beauty Dark Palette.jpg

Overall I’d give this a definite thumbs up and would definitely recommend it if you’re on the look out for a warm toned palette. My favourite of the three is the Nude Medium, as I feel it works best for me and I tend to use more of the warmer pink / brown tones. The Nude Rich is great too for my skin tone and perfect if you love more of a reddish / bronze tone to your eyeshadows, but that’s the beauty of having choices – you choose your own nude! If you choose to purchase all three you can definitely use shades from the different palettes as they work well with each other. 

The Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes are priced at £24.00 each. They will be launching on ShopHudaBeauty on Wednesday and with retailers in-store and online on 15th October.