Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid Lipsticks

The Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid Lipsticks are cream lipsticks in liquid form. I tried four shades: Boy Collector which is a bold red, Bawse which is described as burgundy, SheEO which is described as a brown nude and Day Slayer which is described as a nude.

Boy Collector certainly looks bright red on me and Bawse looks like a very deep red-purple, so true to their description. They are also gorgeously flattering and brown beauty-friendly, especially Bawse. They both leave a stain. Day Slayer comes up as a beige-pink on me and SheEO looks like a deeper shade of Day Slayer on me - it comes up as a richer beige-pink. SheEO is more flattering. Both were paler than expected and I thought they would be browner. 

All the shades I tried are very pigmented and creamy, as promised. Only one swipe is needed to get full coverage so a very small amount of product is needed. The resulting look is shiny without being sticky (unlike a gloss) although if your hair gets onto your lips, the colour might smudge. The applicator is shaped to fit the contours of the lips and is lovely and soft. 

On application I noticed a gentle cooling sensation which is because the formula contains menthol. It is claimed that this cooling and tingling leaves the lips "looking visibly plumper" and I agree. The lines in my lips seems to smooth out and my lips looked fuller with all the shades. I was very happy with that effect! 

All shades were very comfortable to wear and I did not need to use lip balm before application. I might even say that they are moisturising because the Demi Matte Lipsticks can be worn for hours before they start to dry out. They have a tasty coconut scent which soon fades. 

These Lipsticks last for several hours, including eating and drinking. They have survived where other (and more expensive) lip colours have failed. This is the first lip colour I have tried where the colour stays on the inner lip so there was barely any need to touch up. They fade evenly down to a matte which is when I would reapply to get the sheen back. 

Being a liquid, there is slippage around and over the edges of my lips which is more of a problem with the darker and bolder shades. As with any cream lipstick I prefer to wear a lipliner to deal with this, which is best worn on the edge of the lips only so as not to interfere with the lip-plumping action. 

Despite the slippage (which is not surprising), I was impressed by the staying power of these products and the way they gracefully faded before needing reapplication. They also delivered on most of their promises and for that reason I would purchase more shades. 

Huda Beauty is available from Cult Beauty and Harrods and is priced at £18.00. 

For more information, please visit their website.