How To Get Silky Smooth Pins With JASON


Chloe Pierre is a  lifestyle, travel and fashion blogger who has worked with brands such as BooHoo, SimplyBe, Soft and Gentle and Phillip Kingsley - to name a few. She has written a post on how to get silky smooth pins with JASON. Well summer might be over but there is no excuse for not making sure that your legs and feet are in tip top shape, especially with the Xmas party season on the horizon. I always like to make sure my pins are looking super silky smooth and pretty. Who knows when you are going to need throw on your favourite short dress and sandals, all impromptu and stuff? So in preparation for the festive season I've compiled a go-to-guide for party ready, silky smooth legs using my favourite JASON Natural Care.

1. Prep We’ve all heard the terms, treat your body like a work of art, right? Well this is exactly how you start prepping your canvas, with a clean slate. Rub a generous helping of JASON's Apricot Scrubble on to both leg from ankle to thigh and then go over in a circular motion.

2. Rinse The best way to bring the colour out of your legs is to wash skin in cold water. Whilst this may encourage a shock to your skin, this is exactly my aim.

3. Getting hairless Now your pins are exfoliated and clean, it’s time to make them hairless. I personally prefer a luxurious leg wax using skin friendly lycon wax, but if waxing is not your thing, try sugaring. It’s amazing and so gentle to your skin. On a budget? Shaving is always my last resort but for budgeting reasons, it can be perfect. Ensure you step up your shaving game by consciously shopping for twin blade razors with lubricating strips as this will leave your skin safe from cuts and of course smooth whilst gliding across.

4. Dry Once you have prepped your canvas smooth of ghastly hairs, an important step which can be overlooked within beauty routines, is to pat rather than rub your skin dry. This helps your skin take in as much moisture as possible and we know that skin loves water.

5. Moisture My last step is almost as important as every other step in this guide. And I know I don’t need to stress this to you all, but moisturising with a nourishing cream is going to add the finishing touches to your beautiful party season ready pins. This Glowing Apricot Hand & Body Lotion from JASON Natural Care range is perfect for giving your legs, firmness, moisture and brightening. Apply the lotion from your ankles upwards, moving with long strokes toward the thighs and derrière. Repeat each movement several times, using your thumbs to deeply massage the contours of your legs.

JASON Brightening Apricot Scrubble is priced at £5.49 and the Glowing Apricot Hand & Body Lotion is priced at £6.99

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