Heat-Treat Cap


I absolutely love using low level heat to take my deep conditioning treatments up a notch, heat opens up the hair’s cuticle allowing the goodness from your hair treatment products to penetrate further into the hair shaft. I usually use a soft hood, which requires a hair dryer attached on a low heat, so when I got the opportunity to try the Heat-Treat Cap I jumped at it. All the benefits, without having to be tethered to one stop, or putting up with a noisy hairdryer. So what is this Heat-Treat Cap? I hear you ask, it’s essentially a gel filled shower cap you put in the microwave and heat for anywhere between one and two and half minutes, depending on your microwave. It comes with three sachets of hair treatment, a normal plastic shower cap they refer to as a ‘cap liner’ and a storage bag. The idea is you wash your hair, apply your conditioner/deep treatment of choice, put the plastic cap liner on, heat up the Cap and put this on your head on top of the cap liner for two t 10 minutes or according to treatment instructions.

I used my own deep conditioning treatment and not the ones included, as I wasn’t sure how well they would suit my natural hair, I also had to put the cap back in the microwave a couple times as I like to leave my treatments on for longer than 10 minutes and it did get cold. I was surprised by how heavy the shower cap was, but I like that I’m not restricted to one spot and don’t need a hair dryer to use it.

The Heat-Treat Cap is aimed at those with lack lustre, dry, frizzy or limp hair caused by straightening and dying, but I would say, anyone who loves to deep condition and wants to take it up a level will benefit. It can be used with a deep conditioning treatment, hair masks or oils, and claims to maximise the performance of any treatment, intensifying penetration and absorption of the product so your hair is nourished up to three times more effectively.

Since I use heat regularly with my deep conditioning treatments, I wouldn’t say I saw three times more improvement in my hair, but if you don’t usually use heat you would definitely see improved benefits.

The Heat-Treat Cap retails for £24.95, which I feel is reasonable for something you will use over and over again.

For more information, please visit their website.