Hair by Sleek Brazilian Gold


We Women of Colour have come a long way when it comes to hair extensions, the days of synthetics and human hair are over and we have evolved into the next best thing aka virgin human hair. We all want full, natural looking weaves and would pay whatever to get it and seeing A list celebrities rocking fabulous hairstyles makes us determined to achieve that look. I remember back in the days when it was all about Fashion Idol 101 by Sleek, Expression, Premium Too, Now and Plus and when your hair only looked its best after you had left the hairdressers. I upgraded to virgin human hair years ago and ever since I don't think I could ever go back to using synthetic hair, this kind of hair is a great investment in the long run because of its longevity and versatility. Hair by Sleek have been in the hair industry for quite a while; they have ventured from synthetic hair extension, to Remy hair extension, and now Brazilian. The Brazilian Gold range is of genuine 100% human hair which has never been chemically treated, which means the hair retains its natural appearance, texture and performs just like it's your own natural hair. I was gifted three packs of Brazilian Gold hair to try out (14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches) in gold curls, colour 1B. The hair comes in its natural state which means they come in natural looking shades (colour 1,1b and 2) so there are options for everyone unless you want to change the colour by dying it.

I had the hair installed in a centre parting style with my natural hair left out to make it look even more natural. Usually when I get my hair done, I don't leave it in for more than three weeks, but I had this hair in for four weeks just to see if it could sustain the every day hair hassles and I am pleased to say it did. I experienced minimum shedding unlike the other low grade hair out there and I was really impressed with the texture; it felt really soft, slick and frizz-free. The three packs gave me a very natural look, as each pack weigh 103 grams unlike other hair brands that claims to be 100 grams but it's all on the length not the width, with Hair by Sleek Brazilian Gold you get more width in a pack. I didn't get to colour the hair but I'm pretty sure it will give a brilliant result and the quality will still hold up. What I love must about this brand is that when you are bored of the curls you can straighten it but don't need to worry about heat damage as long as you use heat protection, and when you want the curl back you just get it wet and it goes wavy/curly which is the Brazilian style.

Hair by Sleek Brazilian Gold is priced between £35 to £85 per pack. You can purchase it at your nearest hair stockist.

For more information please visit their website.