Hair by Sleek Remi Touch Choice Brazilian Keratin Remi


Natural hair extensions has taken over the hair industry since the last couple of years, there are so many options from different regions for women to achieve the style of their choice. However, it's not just Women of Colour who are loving hair extensions, women from all backgrounds are delving into it too. So brands like Hair by Sleek and many others are keeping up with the demand by bringing out new hair regularly. I'm not new to Hair by Sleek, I've been a fan of the brand since school days when synthetic hair was the good stuff but all that has changed now. The company has a wide range of human hair and the latest of them is Remi Touch Choice Brazilian Keratin Remi which launched in July and I've been putting it through the everyday test since.

This hair is the finest of its kind; it's made of 100% Remi and human hair. It contains a unique Keratin infused protein treatment which nourishes the hair and strengthens it, ensuring its the silkiest, smoothest, most shiny hair one will ever wear. It has a slight yaki texture to add volume so you get best of both worlds, providing you the luxury and quality of Real Remy with the affordability of premium human hair.

I've had this hair in for two months now and I am really pleased with it, it has kept its luxurious, smooth, silkiness even after two washes with no shedding whatsoever. After washing and leaving it to air dry in a room temperature, the hair felt and still remained like it was new. It felt soft and the shine was still present.

With some hair brands after a month they will totally lose shape and start shedding but with this hair I experienced no shedding and it remained the same even after two months of wear and wash. It was also very easy to style and maintain. You would think because it's straight hair it would be very difficult to manipulate into a style but in actual fact it was really easy and it actually holds curls.

I would definitely recommend Remi Touch Choice Brazilian Keratin Remi to anyone who is not looking to splurge a lot on hair extensions but at the same time do not want to compromising on quality. For the price I think it is an absolute bargain and a very good investment as it can be reused if you take care of it properly. It comes in different length from eight to 18 inches and it comes in variation of colours too from natural black to red.

Sleek Remi Brazillian pic 2

Hair b y Sleek Remi Touch by Sleek Brazilian Keratin Remi is priced from £7.99 - £34.99.

Currently the hair isn't listed on the Sleek website but it is sold is most hair stores.