GOSH Rebel Eyes Mascara


I’ve tried and used countless mascaras over the years, and by now it takes something special for a mascara to stand out. Somehow, GOSH have achieved this with their Rebel Eyes Mascara, a mascara which GOSH describe as having ‘special polymers which give lengthening and curling features, and a super-flexible film which delivers a long lasting effect. It provides volume and thickness to the lashes without any clumps and it gives a fantastic, even build-up’. After using this, I can see that the two most evident results are added length and curl to the lashes - although it provides volume as well, happily this isn’t too much and therefore no clumping occurs. The formula is more wet than I usually aim to use, but isn’t gloopy and dries quickly. What makes the wet formula work, asides from the fact it dries quickly, are the defined and plentiful ‘teeth’ on the plastic brush head.

Plastic brush heads as opposed to traditional brush heads have become more and more common as recent years have gone by, however this one takes a flexible, curved shape which means that you can reach the entire lash-line in one go. Also, the curved shape of the brush acts as an aid in giving the lashes a curl which holds and is long-lasting. The slimness of the head helps to add extreme length to the lashes without too much thickness or volume, for a refined look.

The Rebel Eyes Mascara is not waterproof but lasts well and doesn’t run or fade as the number of hours of wear increases. Even with more than two coats, lashes don’t feel heavy, due to the lack of clumping. In terms of packaging, the Rebel Eyes Mascara takes the humble and practical vision of a simple, black, hard-wearing tube. This mascara also contains Sea Buckthorn seed Oil to protect lashes. I feel that this is a complete mascara and one which is affordably priced too.

GOSH Rebel Eyes Mascara is priced at £8.99

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