GOSH Nail Care Products


I’m very excited to be reviewing GOSH's (newish) Nail Care Products - which includes their Fast Dry Drops, Nail & Cuticle Oil, 2in1 Nail Hardener and Gel Look Top Coat. The Fast Dry Drops aim to speed up the drying of nail lacquer. On one occasion too many, I’ve had issues with nail polish taking too long to dry, even if the polish in question is a fast-drying one. The Fast Dry Drops are easy enough to use - you simply release a single drop of the fluid on each nail. This is effortless to do since it has a pipette applicator which releases just the right amount of fluid per squeeze. In terms of performance, I feel that these Drops really do quicken the process of drying nail polish, and with such ease. Importantly, they don’t alter the finish or shade of your chosen nail polish underneath. The Fast Dry Drops possess a really strong smell but happily this doesn’t linger for too long. They also add an element of added shine to your nail polish too.

The Nail Cuticle Oil comes in the same format as a regular nail polish. I have found this to be effective in quickly softening nail cuticles, which is very handy for when you want to quickly push your cuticles back. Another product GOSH have for the nails is their 2in1 Nail Hardener which is designed to stop nails from breaking whilst simultaneously providing them with a high shine finish. I don’t have any issues with nail breakage, however can attest that the finish is exceptionally glossy and shiny.

Perhaps my most favourite nail product of them all is GOSH’s Gel Look Top Coat, said to provide a glossy pro finish. I apply this on top of a normal nail polish, to give my nails the look of professionally done gel nails without the bother of seeing a nail technician. I have been using this liberally, sometimes using two or three coats of this wonderful gel coat, and have been surprised at how fast it dries too. My nails are left looking plump and extremely shiny.

Overall, GOSH’s nail care products are impressive and are surprisingly affordable too. I don’t usually use many products like these however have gotten a lot of use out of them all, especially the Gel Look Top Coat.

GOSH’s Fast Dry Drops, Nail and Cuticle Oil, 2in1 Nail Hardener and Gel Look Top Coat are priced at £4.99 each.

For more information, please visit their website.