GOSH Cosmetics Infinity Eye Liners

My trialling of GOSH Cosmetics’ Infinity Eye Liners came at a very convenient time, when my usual, trusty, high-end eyeliner came to its end recently. As I have become accustomed with GOSH Cosmetics, I was hoping that their Infinity Eye Liners would be an ideal substitute for a cheaper price.

I tried this Eye Liner in two shades - Ash and Black. Unlike most pencil eyeliners, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these are suitable for use on the waterline, since many eyeliners are not suitable for waterline use. Even though I don’t wear any eyeliner on the bottom, let alone on the waterline, suitability for waterline use seems to suggest that the eyeliner is appropriate for sensitive skin.

GOSH say that this product is waterproof and smudge-proof too. The waterproof quality holds true for a couple of hours, before the eyeliner shows minor signs of fading, however it is a quick job to clean the residue as it picks up easily with remover. 

The Black shade is very intense, almost like a carbon black, which complements my usual choice of black for the eyes. Whilst black (particularly this black) would prove too intense for any brow, Ash is a cool, greyish brown, so in terms of its colour could be used as a brow pencil too, however would need a bit of waxiness within its texture to properly allow for this dual use. Lighter skin tones could make ideal use of shade Ash, however on my own, it didn’t show up - perhaps this would mean it makes for a suitable nude eyeliner on my waterline.

Overall this eye liner is a high quality one that provide intense colour and an even colour pay-off. It can be smudged easily with the smudge tip, since there is a bit of ‘playtime’ before the eyeliner sets.

GOSH Cosmetics Infinity Eye Liners are priced at £6.99 each and available to buy from Superdrug

For more information, please visit their website