GOSH Cosmetics CCC Sticks 

GOSH Cosmetics is a beauty brand which I have become comfortably familiar with over the past couple of years- even though a lot of budget beauty brands seek to provide high performance products, few of them actually deliver on this, but GOSH Cosmetics do so reliably. With that in mind, I was highly anticipating the use of their exciting CCC Sticks.

I tried this product n four different shades. Where beauty brands nowadays have a least one ‘CC’ product offered, GOSH have gone a step further to provide a product that ‘contours, covers and conceals’. The sticks vary in their intended purpose- shades Light and Medium act as concealers.

I have tried many concealers in the past, and concluded that most shied away from offering a full level of pigment and coverage. However the Light and Medium CCC Sticks offer a completely flawless result, I was pleased to discover. It is true that complexion products offered in a stick format have a tendency to be slightly drying on some complexion types, and whilst these aren’t too different, the use of moisturiser beforehand provides a quick fix and is outweighed greatly by the on-the-go convenience and long-wear ability of these CCC sticks.

Shades, Vanilla Highlighter and Golden Highlighter are Highlighting Sticks or illuminators. Immediately I could see that the smooth, buttery texture of these CCC Sticks, teamed with the very fine milled specks of shimmer, would mean that the glow provided by them would be (happily) devoid of large glitter parts. The Highlighting Sticks are exciting to use, and give an intense glow on the contour points you apply them too. The two shades are very similar, but Vanilla Highlighter is that bit more special, giving a champagne-coloured dewiness to the areas I applied it to. 

In conclusion, I’m very satisfied with GOSH’s two types of CCC sticks, but slightly prefer the highlighting shades since these are a bit more playful and bode better with my skin type.

GOSH Cosmetics CCC Sticks are priced at £9.99

For more information, please visit their website.