Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask


I have been using this product by Good Things for quite a few months and it is by far one of my favourite face masks. Although it is clay based it smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling very soft and plump. It also rinses off very well - with or without a sponge - so you are not left with annoying bits of clay on your face. The Five Minute Facial Face Mask is designed to be multi purpose and make your skin clearer, brighter and smoother, all at the same time. It consists of Green Clay and Kaolin to bring out impurities in your skin, Avocado Oil to moisturise, Goji Berry extract to soothe and Willow Bark extract for radiance. As in typical Good Things fashion, the mask is very creamy in texture and even when it sets it still feels light on your skin.

This product is simple yet effective and does exactly what it says on the tin - or rather tube. Sometimes you are not in the mood for a full on face mask or you are in a rush so this mask allows you to get in and get out while gaining a wonderful boost to your complexion.

Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask is priced at £5.99 and you can purchase it from Sainsbury's and Boots.

For more information please visit the Good Things website.