Ghost Eclipse Full Moon


If you like your fragrance subtle but long lasting then look no further than Ghost Eclipse Full Moon. Ghost was founded in 1984 by London-based Tanya Sarne and their range of perfumes and eau de toilettes reflects the brand's commitment towards quality and innovation. Ghost have a wide range of fragrances from the classic Ghost fragrances to the modern Ghost Girl. This is a fragrance brand that celebrates mature women and young ladies. As well as their standalone perfumes, they are also applauded for their elegant range of gift sets. Eclipse Full Moon does not let the side down; it contains a feminine feel that is created from the exotic fusion of fruity notes that awaken your senses with Sweet Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Apple, Marigold, Blackcurrant and Peach. The fragrance is a striking crescent shape which captures the energy of the sun. The deep red, orange and golden colours complete with a metallic sheen create a stunning but warm effect which enhances the scent’s expressive power.

At first when I applied this perfume I thought it would fade after two hours but a good five hours later and I could still smell it on parts of my body. After it wears off the Sweet Bergamot and Lemon kicks in and heightens your senses. This really is a lovely product that anyone can use whether they love perfumes or not, in fact it would make a great present for someone who is not keen on strong scents or are just discovering the wonderful world of fragrances.

Ghost Eclipse Full Moon is priced at £20.00 for 30ml, £30.00 for 50ml and £35.00 for 75ml.

For more information, please visit their website.