Getting My Boho Locs On

I came across Boho Locs on Instagram and was struck by how graceful and carefree they looked. Boho Locs was founded in 2016 by Lulu Pierre who set up the brand after a traumatic experience with a Brazilian Blowout. She looked around for protective styles but could not find anything that suited her.

Then she came across faux locs and fell in love with their natural aesthetic. However she found the installation process very time consuming and decided to look into finding a much quicker method. That was when crochet locs came to her mind and voila the birth of Boho Locs. They are hand made and aimed at naturalistas  who want natural-looking locs.

A former, salon owner, Lulu is passionate about supporting black female owned businesses especially when it comes to hair brands aimed at black women. She has clearly invested a lot of time researching the brand and her customers and has used that knowledge to make sure the brand fits into their lifestyle. From everything from the website, different styles of locs available, sales, distribution and aftercare. 

Anyway, onto the actual hair. I like my hair to look loose and natural so these seemed like a good bet so I was delighted when I was gifted a pack by Lulu. I went for the Brauburn Mix Boho Goddess as I felt that would suit my complexion. It is a blend of rich brown/blonde tones of their Bronde collection, paired with deep browns and hints of subtle red hues from the Auburn collection. The locs are also waist length. 

I was told that I only needed one pack and I do admit that I had my reservations as I tend to use up a lot of hair but when the pack arrived I could see what they meant. For a start the pack is huge and actually consists of five bundles which contains more than enough hair and then some. It also has some hair accessories such as wooden and gold coloured beads which adds a nice touch. 

The hair was installed using the crochet method and that took two and a half hours. I had Boho Locs done twice – the first time we used 80% of the hair and although it had a lot of volume it did not feel too heavy. The second time we used 75% of the hair and it was a lot lighter and felt more natural. I very rarely have my hair this long but it felt really nice and the irritation factor was minimal.

I was a bit apprehensive about the length because as amazing as long hair looks, the practicalities can be very different. The texture is very light and easy to manage, that include placing it up in a bun when I popped into the shower and went to bed. It did not feel heavy at all

From a practical element, you can wear your locs for up to 12 weeks at a time and you can reuse them. There are lots of tips on the website on how to take care of them. The packaging is very stylish and portable; you can literally shove the pack under your arm and head off to the hairdressers. Also delivery was straightforward. There are lots of different styes to choose from as well as a new bob length which I just had to buy. They will be perfect for the autumn. 

My verdict on Boho Locs in case you have not guessed is 10/10 They offer the perfect protective style when you want a change from braids or weaves. 

Boho Locs Brauburn Mix Boho Goddess are priced at £128.45 but you can get the shorter bob locs for £120.76. 

For more information, please visit their website.