Getting Madeup With Flori Roberts


I remember Flori Roberts from back in the day when they had a stand at Selfridges. They alongside Fashion Fair pretty much had a stranglehold on catering for Women of Colour. I tried the Base Strokes Foundation Stick in Truffle - I am used to using liquid or compact foundations so this was my first experience in using the stick. I have to admit that I went a bit mad and plastered it all over my face and the result was that I looked like I had been sunbathing in the Caribbean for six months. Not a good look. I was given advice from a beauty blogger, that when it comes to the stick foundation, less is more. The second attempt was a lot better and the result was great coverage with a flawless finish. This product has a touch of moisture to coat your face. This product is great for winter as it has a lot of texture but if you do use it in the summer you will most certainly need a powder because it does give you sheen. I was very pleased with it and at £18.95 you cannot go wrong. It comes in seven different shades of chocolate. I also tried out the lipsticks which come in a whooping 16 different colours. They are priced at £11.95 but they are really worth it. The pigmentation is great, application is smooth because they glide onto your lips. However it was the staying power that impressed me; I was wearing ? which is a raspberry colour and after eating and drinking all I needed to do was top up a bit. I did not get that awful 'thing' where the lipstick slides off and all you are left with is a pink rim round your lips. I am really in love with these lippies.

Then we have the Mineral Based Lip Shines aka lipglosses; these are made in seven shades and give you a fantastic 70s inspired pout. Unlike most glosses which have a wand, the ones by Flori Roberts have a brush which makes for a much more precise application. No stickiness, runnyness or any of those gloss vices that we have come across. They are priced at £11.95. Complete with retro packaging, Flori Roberts don't just feel good on your face they also look impressive in your makeup bag. I believe that Women of Colour will find a lot of things over at Flori Roberts - the brand also has an extensive skincare range.

For more information please visit the Flori Roberts website.