Fresh Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm


The first thing I notice about Fresh's Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm is the texture; it is a lot thicker and dense than other lip balms I have used. It also has a fresh minty smell which surprised me as I was expecting it smell very sweet. This product promises to smooth and soften your lips making them younger looking. The moisturising formula contains refreshing Sugar Mint flavour and Wild Mango Butter to help protect and soften dry lips. The lip balm also consists of Sea Fennel to helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and define the lip area and also Hyaluronic Filling Spheres which helps to enhance volume. As well as Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip-Balm, this is fast becoming my favourite Lip balm. It is a real pleasure to use; it smells divine with a mint chocolatey aroma and it does the job. After scooping it up with my finger the lip balm is easy to apply and the staying power is very good - I only find myself reapplying it after an hour as opposed to every 20 minutes with a normal lip balm. The packaging is very classic with a twist, the lip is plain with a see though bottom. It is easy to pop into your handbag or makeup bag. If you are after a quality lip balm with longevity then you should look no further.

Fresh Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm is priced at £25.00

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