The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Shannon Fitzsimmons

Shannon Fitzsimmons aka UK Curly Girl is a natural hair blogger who created her blog to share her experience in going natural. This developed into a YouTube channel and a huge and loyal fanbase, Shannon released her debut book, Get Your Curls Back a few weeks ago which covers how to go natural, the transitional period as well as tips on keeping your healthy. Shannon took time out to tell us about the beauty product she cannot live without.

I first discovered Palmers Cocoa Formula Flip Balm on Social Media; many bloggers in the USA had been promoting the balms, which are available in different colours and formulas. I was able to try for myself when they were provided in goodie bags for a few events I had attended. So far I have managed to try the Juicy Watermelon and Ripe Mango balms.

Now that I have tried the product I haven’t stopped using it. I have a few natural based lip balms around the house and this is definitely the best of them and now my staple. I usually am able to just apply it one to three times a day without my lips becoming visibly dry.

I have two Juicy Watermelon balms at the moment and I keep 1 in my handbag (concealed in my makeup bag) the other balm I keep on my bedside table for applying before sleeping. The Flip Balm has hardly gone down in size and I have been using it for over three weeks now. I feel that you won’t have to repurchase this product often unless you want another formula or just extra.

I am in love with the bright colours and design of this product. It is shaped as an egg but the packaging is something completely new. You flip the top open easily instead of popping off a top or unscrewing the top section (which usually gets lost) with the flip balm everything is intact so you won’t lose the cap.

It’s round shape makes it so easy to apply to the lips along with its smooth texture thanks to the formula of cocoa butter and natural ingredients. The Juicy Watermelon tastes so sweet, which is unusual as most lip balms you avoid eating. The shade of the balm is nude so it will suit everyone’s lips.

The only fault with the product is if you leave it loose in your bag it tends to pop open whilst walking around all day and you will open your bag to find lip balm everywhere (not fun!) so I now keep it separate in my make up bag. All in all a great essential add on for anyone’s handbag and a cute accessory.

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