Five Minutes with Omolara Tayo from MoMineral Makeup

Omolara Tayo is the founder of MoMineral MakeUp, a UK brand that creates quality products for dark skin tones. Omolara created the brand with her husband in order to provide brown beauties with more choice when it comes to makeup products and our products are formulated from natural ingredients. She took time out to tell me more about her brand.

What made you decide to set up your own beauty business?

I am a promoter of self-confidence and my work as a makeup artist gave me a platform to reach out to women of colour. I understand how makeup influences the appearance. For instance, a mild application of lipgloss or any makeup can go a long way in brightening up a client’s day. What more being able to flawlessly match the skin or help someone overcome the fear of having a breakout after using makeup. 

Having worked as a makeup artist, I understand the challenges we have matching the brown skin and a lot of times we need to mix different shades of makeup and sometimes in different brands to achieve something close to our complexion. It was daunting to find suitable products specifically formulated for our skin type even among the natural and organic makeup brands available. The available foundations were either too yellow, greyish or too dark. In order to avoid complaining about how we have been neglected by the beauty industry, we have created Momineral Makeup for the melanin rich skin. 

What is the concept behind MoMineral Makeup? 

The concept behind MoMineral Makeup is to provide women of colour with makeup products made from natural ingredients specifically formulated for women of colour.  In other to back this up, we have ensured our makeup products are manufactured in the UK and meet the required standard expected by EU cosmetics regulation.

What sort of research did you do to find out what sort of makeup customers wanted to buy?

In our quest to find out what our customers will want to buy, we were unable to use a one size fit all approach. The African Carribean community in the UK is diverse in terms of culture and this tend to alter the makeup expectation of different age group and background.  To gain insights into the consumers’ behaviour and understand what makeup products they will like to buy, we carriedand continue to carry out both structured and unstructured market research. 

We continue to work with focus groups and attended black events in the UK in other to ensure the brand meets a required standard which in turn guides our choice of marketing, image building, public relation, research, and development.

How did you decide on the look and feel of the brand? 

Deciding on the image and feel of MoMineral Makeup brand is still linked to our market research. There is an expected posture a makeup brand must have to gain audience within our community. So we have and continue to work with focus groups including brilliant individuals and institutions to ensure, that while keeping our values as a priority, we meet the standard about our marketing, brand image, public relation, research, and development.

What are your future plans for MoMineral Makeup? 

We continuously work as an organisation to become a globally relevant brand that provides our community with innovative makeup products that are safe and healthy. A key aspect of our future is to continually be of economic importance such as providing empowerment and employment within our community.

What are your favourite beauty products?

My MoMineral foundation (Ewa Shade), eyeliner, my MoMineral eyebrow filler, MoMineral natural mascara and of course my MoMineral natural lipstick. I love playing with my lipstick colours

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to set up their own beauty business?

A lot…


  • To begin with the end in mind no matter how small you choose to start, start well, be guided
  • Continuous learning is vital. To understand that there is a difference between wanting to be their own boss (self-employed) and running a business.
  • To build a solid organisation, infrastructure, and funding structure.
  • To build a tough skin for rejection especially from relatives, colleagues and the community itself.
  • To remain humble.
  • All listed above is under the assumption that they already have the passion, talent and the WILL to survive in the business world.

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