Five Minutes with Taren Guy


Taren Guy has been a big deal in the natural hair and vlogging revolution since she uploaded her first video back in 2009. Now she is a media personality making appearnances all over the world. Last week she was a special guest at Curlvolution as part of her Luv and Learn You Hair tour. I managed to grab her for five minutes where she talked about makeup, blogging and hair. Why did you start blogging? I was curious about how to care for natural hair so I looked at a few YouTube videos and I founds lots of interesting stories. I decided that I too wanted to share my life and my ups and downs.

Which hair products do you love? I am a product person but I do love a slippery conditioner. However if I was to name some it would be Hair Rules and Carol's Daughter.

What are your favourite makeup brands? I'm a MAC girl and my favourite product is Riri Woo which I am wearing now.

Tell us what is in your makeup bag. Some lipstick and chapstick. I am all about the lips.

What are your favourite blogs? I love The Style & Beauty Doctor and Black Beauty Bag.

What are your thoughts on European brown beauties and our style? You guys have a lot of style, The first thing I noticed over here was a lot of colour and a lot of vintage pieces.

Finally, how do you get your hair to look like that? Well I love volume so I use an Afro Pik to lift it up. To be honest it is really low maintenance.

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